Potassium chloride , injectable solution

Therapeutic Action / Use:

KELEFUSIN® is indicated in the treatment and prevention of hypopotasemia, in digitalis intoxication and in patients with family hypopotasemic periodic paralysis. Likewise, KELEFUSIN® is indicted in all hypokallemic patients with preserved adequate liver function.

  • Box with 1, 50 and 100 glass vials with 10ml (1.49 g/10 ml).
  • Box with 10, 50 and 100 vials, with 5ml (1.49 g/5 ml).
  • Glass vial with 50 ml (298 mg/ml)..
  • Box with 1, 50 and 100 glass plastic vials with 5ml
  • Box with 10, 50 and 100 plastic vials, with 10ml.
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