10 abril, 2012

Training Perfusor operation COMPACT

PiSA Farmaceutica provides equipment such as continuous infusion COMPACT Perfusor® which provides great advantages in the infusion therapy. Perfusor COMPACT® provides maximum comfort without sacrificing reliability. Allows intuitive and simple offering high performance and reliability. With 9 occlusion detection levels, to detect and activate the bolus reduction mechanism quickly and securely to avoid damage to the patient.
10 abril, 2012

Pump operation Infusomat Training

PiSA Farmaceutica offers equipment such as continuous infusion Infusomat®fm remarkable benefits granted in infusion therapy. Infusomat®fm allows calculation of infusion dose based on patient weight, medicine concentration and dose to administer required. Facilitates the calculations in those medicines that are often used in continuous infusion (dopamine, dobutamine, diazepam, etc..,) And anesthetics used in maintenance anesthesia by infusion pump (example: propofol). Through this video, know its features and operation.