Specialty Products

10 abril, 2012

FLEX-O-VAL: Technology and advantages

Pisa Farmacéutica manufactures great volume parenteral substances in the polyethylene, atoxic, ecological container FLEXOVAL® innovating the technology “Blow-Fill-Seal“, for a neater process; it is a high […]
10 abril, 2012

CLC2000 connector Technology

Pharmaceutical Pisa offers quality components such as precision and CLC2000 ® that provides remarkable benefits in infusion therapy. The CLC2000 ® provides the first and only technology to remove the backflow of blood into the catheter lumen (reverse flow at the time of the trip). Launched in late 1997, the CLC2000 ® is the most revolutionary product for IV therapy today. The CLC2000 ® saves significant time and money by minimizing expensive procedures and drugs disclusion.
10 abril, 2012

CLAVE connector technology

PiSA Farmaceutica offers precision and quality components such as KEY ® connector to prevent contamination in the way of fluids. KEY Connector ® was introduced to the market in 1992 as the first single-piece connector, needle-free and as a closed system. Currently the connector is sold worldwide. Thanks to its unique design that allows the use of a needle KEY ® Connector ensures full compliance with the law requiring the use of needleless systems. KEY ® is a microbiologically closed system that protects the patient's catheter from contamination that can cause blood infections.