10 abril, 2012

Electrolit Publicity 2014

Electrolit is scientifically formulated, so rehydrates much more than water and sports drinks. And that is clinically proven. Nothing hydrates better than oral solutions.
10 abril, 2012

World Kidney Day 2010: Message Lorena Ochoa

World Kidney Day is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. The purpose is to promote awareness of the importance of the kidneys and disseminate the concept that kidney disease are COMMON, RISKY and TREATABLE. Fortunately once detected the problem can slow and even stop the progression. Consider that early detection of chronic kidney disease attenuate or prevent suffering, loss of quality of life, health expenditures and many other problems.
10 abril, 2012

Electrolit in NASCAR (2009)

On July 19, 2009, was carried in the tri-oval "Bernardo Obregón" of Cajititlán, Jalisco, the 6th. date of the NASCAR Mexico, the largest category of motorsport in our country. In this event, gave the starting signal for our brand "Electrolit" as a leading sponsor Motorsport team, led by pilots Fernando Plata and Israel Jaitovich, it should be noted that Israel Jaitovich is at the forefront of the social program: "Running for Health ", in which PiSA Pharmaceutical joined as a sponsor, designed to perform more than 150 surgeries of cleft palate, cataracts and kidney, as well as donating wheelchairs in each of the cities where it leads Mexico finished the NASCAR championship, showing that PISA is a socially responsible company that supports social programs like this.