18 abril, 2012

CasNPA: adults parenteral nutritional support calculation and nutritional valuation

CasNPA© the Parenteral Nutritional Support Calculation, is an app created to facilitate the procedures and preparation of the adequate formulation of Parenteral Nutrition in Adults and to diminish, as much as possible, the frequent errors when it is developed manually.

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17 abril, 2012

CasNPI: children parenteral nutritional support calculation

CasNPI© is a tool created to face the need to execute the support calculations of the parenteral nutrition for pediatric patients, in a more agile and […]
17 abril, 2012

TEST: Am I at risk for diabetes?

Mexico's population of people with diabetes ranges between 6.5 and 10 million. Of this grand total, 2 million people are undiagnosed. Approximately 1 in 3 people who have it do not know! Do you think that might be at risk? Take this test and find out.
17 abril, 2012

Graten: Virtual Application Guide

A user guide that explains virtually the correct way to dispense our medicine GRATEN.

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