About Us

PiSA Pharmaceutical Company formed with the purpose to the strategic creation of integral products and services from raw origin to crystallization and to subsequently be offered to final consumers. Only Quality Products have surged from our expertise supported by infrastructure & technology; collaborators acting upon their abilities in research, development, production, logistics and distribution along with capable 360ª labs during all and each of the processes to obtain and offer quality products and the perfect formula and brand.
PiSA Human Resource has meant the constant of its nature and growth. We are more than 18 thousand professionals committed to excellence and acknowledged of the significance of Life in our actions and duties. PiSA tells apart by its production capacity and know-how within the Mexican and Latin American markets that has lead it to an implicit growth and expansion abroad.
We count on Pharmaceutical Development Laboratories in which all new technologies are created, analyzed and transformed to impact the pharmaceutical sectors and able to face the product orders required by our customers and strategic alliances. We are a Social Responsiveness Company (ESR) confirming our permanent commitment before the Community, the Environment, our Workers and Employees and their families. PiSA Farmacéutica is continuously standing out and, we are taking on challenges and opportunities for Tomorrow.

Our Morality


  • Attitude in Learning and Teaching
  • Listening
  • Acknowledging and accepting mistakes
  • Simplicity in dealing with customers and vendors
  • Treating others the same as you want to be treated
  • Sharing success


  • Being truthful, objective and accurate, non-excusing
  • Protecting the company´s secrecy
  • Reporting bad habits and misbehavior
  • Being productive during working hours
  • Choosing the best for the company


  • Being fair in acknowledging the good work and the poor work
  • Remembering to demand politely
  • Avoiding Favoritism
  • Respecting others time
  • Being fair in what others deserve


  • Facing the consequences of our actions
  • Complying our duties
  • Avoiding unreasonable absences
  • Reporting inadequate failures and behaviors
  • Taking self care, avoiding accidents


  • Sense in Emergencies
  • Hunger for Success
  • Wishes for improvement
  • Skills to Resolve
  • Creativity
  • Optimism “¡yes you can!”