Since its beginnings, the growth in PISA has been a constant through human capital: more than 14,000 professionals committed to excellence and realize that each of their actions works for life …


To PiSA Farmaceutica, the Corporative Social Responsibility (CSR) involves helping their employees, customers and society in order to achieve their goals, prepare daily and increase their quality of life. The integral development of employees, health care, preservation of physical integrity and balance their work and family life are important factors....

Pisa Famacéutica


PISA, the only integral and strategic Mexican pharmaceutical, designed to interpret the vision of a project, to crystallize into a product and put it in the hands of the consumer.


Pisa Farmaceutica nearly 70 years, is an industry leader in its field with a mission to satisfy its customers through the development and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment of the highest quality, using criteria of excellence permanent business in the most diverse areas and specialties.

BENY System – Self application Guide (Peritoneal Dialysis)


Currently the nephrologist in PISA has a complete line for Peritoneal Dialysis with high quality products with excellent service and direct patient with kidney failure and even family members who collaborate in their treatment both at home and in hospitals. We cover all the variables as we offer solutions and equipment for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis or automated at different concentrations and volumes according to every need, as well as catheters, connectors titanium and antiseptics.

PISA: Integrated Strategic Solutions

PISA, the only pharmaceutical solutions manufacturer in Mexico. Comprehensive strategic in infusion therapy. Infrastructure, technology, engineering and supply chain itself, the largest variety of equipment and solutions in the national market, coupled with the commitment and professionalism of its human capital, support the promise of providing the only service of 360 degrees in the therapy market infusion.

Penclox® Injectable


Formulation: DICLOXACILIN Injectable solution Therapeutic action / Use: PENCLOX acts as a bactericide against gram-positive germs, including penicillin-producing staphylococci; it is mainly  Indicated for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract infections: amigdalitis, pharyngitis, otitis, sinusitis, sub-acute bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia. For skin and soft-tissue infections: mammary and skin abscess, furunculosis, cellulitis, infected wounds and […]



  Formulation: AMPICILLIN Oral suspension, capsules and injectable solution. Therapeutic action / Use: MEPRIZINA® is indicated in the treatment of infections of the genitourinary tract; gonorrhea, meningococcal meningitis, acute otitis media,   typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, bacterial pharyngitis, pneumonia (caused by H. influenzae or Proteus mirabilis), bacterial septicemia, sinusitis, skin and soft-tissue infections; gastrointestinal tract infections […]

Meprizina® Tablets


  Formulation: AMPICILLIN Tablets Therapeutic action / Use: MEPRIZINA® is indicated for the treatment of several infections produced by ampicillin-sensitive germs. Such as  genitourinary tract infections ( gonorrhea), and other upper and lower urinary tract infections; respiratory tract infections n such  as acute otitis media, pharyngoamigdalitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. MEPRIZINA® is also used for the […]

Glirron® Injectable Solution


  Formulation: IRON SUCROSE Injectable solution. Therapeutic action / Use: Treatment  of severe iron-deficiency anemia in: Patients under haemodialysis. Concomitant Erythropoietin treatment. Patients suffering from intestinal iron malabsorption. Patients intolerant to oral iron therapy. Transvaginal hemorrhage. Iron-deficiency pre-op treatment. Acute anemia pre-op treatment. Packaging: Available in box with 1 or 3-5ml ampules. Ask for more […]

Fotexina® I.M. Injectable


  Formulation: CEPHOTAXIME Injectable solution. Therapeutic action / Use: Cephotaxime’s bactericide activity derives from cell-wall synthesis inhibition. In vitro, Cephotaxime acts against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative strains. It has been proved that Cephotaxime is a powerful inhibitor of the betalactamases  that some gram-negative bacteria produce. Sodium Cephotaxime  is usually active against these […]

Ciprobac® Injectable Solution


Formulation: CIPROFLOXACIN Injectable solution Therapeutic action / Use: CIPROBAC® is indicated for the treatment of osteoarticular and gastrointestinal infections; genitourinary tract infections; gonococcal urethritis, pneumonia, prostatitis, typhoid fever, soft-tissue infections and other infections caused by sensitive microorganisms. Packaging: 200 mg/100ml glass and/or plastic bottle, with instructions. 400mg/200ml glass and/or plastic bottle, with instructions. Box with […]



Formulation: PANTOPRAZOL Tablets Therapeutic action / Use: Pantoprazol is used to heal ulcers and to  alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms when the reduction of gastric acid-secretion is required. It is indicated for duodenal and gastric-ulcer control and healing. For hiatal hernia, reflux esophagitis, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, refractory peptic ulcer disease, peptic ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori (with […]